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$20 Single Annual Membership

$35 Couples Annual Membership



GABLES of Cape May County is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Where is the membership money going? 

Bi-Monthly Newsletter

Underwrites the cost of the GABLES website

It enables GABLES to support other charities

It enables GABLES to do educational work in the schools i.e. The Game of Life at Vo-tech and serving on the youth advisory board.

Allows GABLES to attend and speak at workshops on GLBT issues.

It helps to underwrite the costs of the socials we host. We endeavor to have events that are for the entire community not defined as GAY events. Halloween parties, Holiday Dinners, Movie Nights, Charity Auctions to name just a few, we have also produced Diversity Weekend for the past 6 years. These GABLES events are not private, we have never excluded anyone. Our audiences are as diverse as our membership.

GABLES promotes the welfare of the GLBT community by its actions in the entire community.  We are not just words in a newspaper, a facebook page or a 140 character twitter.  GABLES has made being gay in Cape May County acceptable and appreciated.

The State of New Jersey and Cape May County Tourism has acknowledged us with awards and grants for the work we have done in promoting GLBT tourism in South Jersey. 

We are all volunteers!  No salaries are paid. 

This is where the membership dollars go.

All money goes back into the community where we live.


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